Welcome - How to leave feedback or get support


Welcome to the Findings community, a place to discuss the Findings app, ask questions, and share tips and resources with other users.

How To. Check out tutorials and feature descriptions in the ‘How To’ category. There is a good chance that you will find the answer to your question, there.

Feedback. For general feedback, things that you like or don’t like, or for feature suggestions, start a new topic in the ‘Feedback’ category.

Support. For questions about the app, or bug reports, start a new public topic in the ‘Support’ category. The posts in the ‘Support’ category are public, so be sure to search for your questions there as well. Maybe it has already been answered or the bug is already known (feel free to then post some comments on those).

Private email. You can also contact us at feedback@findingsapp.com or bugreport@findingsapp.com

Sharing. You can share protocols, attachment templates or resources with other Findings users. Start a new topic in the ‘Share’ category.

Stories. Share tips and tricks, or let others know how you use Findings in your research, your work or your personal life. Start a new topic in the ‘Findings Stories’ category.


Findings 2.0.1 - February 15, 2018
Paid for Findings but can't seem to find this window at all