Several problems with tables



What I did:
add table into experiments and try to edit the content
user mose to select specific text / range in the table cell
remove extra columns

What happened:
I need to click a lot of time to get the cursor show, so I can type. Sometime will alarm a sound of error (Mac systme?

selected range did not highlight (or it is not selected?

clikc delete row than the whole table is deleted.

when typing inside the table cell text won’t be wrapped unless I drag the rang of the cell, and eveytime I open the file the width will be different.

What I expected:
work as normal editor(?

Things that might be helpful to know (Findings version, OS and model, etc):

Typing is sluggish/randomly stops while in Tables
Issue with spacebar when making entries in tables
Findings 2.0.1 - February 15, 2018

Thanks, I am aware of various issues with tables in Findings 2. It’s high on my list of bug fixes for the next update. There is a good chance I will change a bit how table editing is done, probably with a modal view for editing independent of the full document view, which will take care of a number of vexing issues. Thanks for your patience!


I don’t know if this is useful information to pile on since you’re working on entirely redoing the table, but I’ve found that attempting to resize the width of columns in a table can cause the entire program to crash. I’ve reproduced the crash twice now.


Thanks for the additional report. Indeed, this has also been reported. There should be soon a Findings 2.0.1 that unfortunately does not yet address all this, but the table issues are next on my list. Thanks for all the reports!

Table crash
Tables Kick You Out While Editing

Here is an update on the various issues with tables in Findings 2. I am hoping the latest beta (build 5322) will fix all the reported problems.If you want to give it a try, we have more information about beta versions of Findings on our community forums, where you can also report bugs: About beta versions of Findings

Thanks for your patience and for any additional feedback after trying the beta!



Hi Charles,

I’ve found 2 issues with the new tables (Currently running build 5353)

First, I’m unable to edit any tables. They will appear in my experiments, and if I copy and paste a table from Excel the data will be in there, but if I click the edit button it takes me to the editing page but the table doesn’t appear in the window. — oops, just realized this issue was discussed in the beta forum yesterday.

Second, inside the experiment if you’re trying to scroll up or down with the arrow keys, when the cursor reaches a table it gets stuck and can’t go up or down (repeatedly making the Mac “boop” sound. Also can’t press enter, which means if you have 2 tables next to each other, there’s no way to insert text in between them without deleting one of the tables, inserting text, and then inserting the table again.


Indeed, the issue has been reported (and no worry, it’s ok to report multiple times!). I’ll link to it from here in case others have more to say: Table editing not possible

It looks like the issue happens when scroll bars are visible (typically set to always visible in the preferences, but also depending on the tracking device or mouse you use).

This is indeed something I had not realized, and that’s quite annoying. I’ll see if I can do something about it before the final 2.0.2, though it may have to wait for a future update. The 2.0.2 now contains many bug fixes and improvements that need to be released :slight_smile:

Note that you can still use the menu Insert > Normal Paragraph to get a paragraph in between 2 tables. I plan to bring that menu to the toolbar as well (with a ‘+’ button, in addition to the one in the left gutter of the editor).


OK, I have pushed a new update to Findings 2.0.2 beta, now at build 5355. It should solve the issue of tables not visible for editing, but please let me know otherwise as soon as possible.

Release notes:


Well, on the heels of today’s beta, I realized (too late) that the issue was now happening when scroll bar are set to show/hide automatically… My bad… There is now a new beta version, build 5357. If some of you have a chance to try it, please let me know how it goes. The behavior has been somewhat tricky to properly test. Thanks for your help!

Release notes:


I can now edit tables! Though this didn’t fix the scrolling past a table with the arrow keys.


Finally :slight_smile: Thanks for reporting

Indeed, this is a separate issue that will be addressed in a future update. The 2.0.2 update contains many other bug fixes, some fairly important, and I have decided to release it to all users next week barring any other very critical bug. Thanks for your patience and for all the reports!

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