Image files in Findings?

How to store or refer to images in Findings? I’m sure many users would appreciate info on this topic. I use microscopy allot and would like to have the ability to dump some images into my Findings reports. Apparently, there is no “Import” command for such and Findings does not seem to recognise general image file formats. One can however apply a copy/paste (from memory) to force an image into a Note or an Experiments file, where it then imports as a low resolution ‘png’ attachment. Example: I had a 3.7 Mb TIFF file which I compressed to 344 Kb (in Igor Pro, still keeping an OK resolution for analytical abilities). Pasting this 344 Kb TIFF into Findings resulted in transformation of the format to 244 Kb png and far too compromised resolution for keeping any information value and as such worthless for image analysis (since a TIFF format would be needed for such). Thus, I would like to suggest that in future, Findings would recognise, appreciate and allow for the TIFF format in attachments.