Future of Findings

I know that Findings is unfortunately no longer developed and maintained, but I just wanted to voice again how great it is (used to be) in comparison to other ELN: given the lack of maintenance and bugs I switched to Benchling, but the UX is so much better in Findings, it’s really remarkable for such a small company.
If the following could be implemented I’m sure there would be a lot of interest and I for one would be more than happy to pay for a subscription or Agenda-style model if the business model is otherwise not viable:

  • true collaboration; I know that this is likely very hard to implement well, but very important
  • markdown based: I feel changing all syntax over to markdown, ideally with automatic hiding of markup as implemented in the recent beta version of Bear would be awesome; this would also allowing for easy export to markdown/word etc.
  • as a lower priority, but some sort of inventory system would be very convenient

Would it ever be a consideration to open source Findings?
thank you!

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I didn’t realize the app was discontinued. That’s a great shame. It is really nice.

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It is a pity to see that. But we should be at least informed.

If there is no continual development and maintenance, I will not keep writing my notes in Findings anymore. It can be very risky that all the notes will get lost.


Findings has been discontinued and will no longer be developed. Learn More