Findings keeps crashing on my macbook pro

What I did: Downloaded Findings 2

What happened: App keeps crashing and I cant open anything on my macbook pro

What I expected: I expected for the app not to crash and for my lab notebook to sync

Things that might be helpful to know (Findings version, OS and model, etc): Findings 2, Macbook Pro 2018, OS Catalina

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Same for me. On the iOS app as well


I am very sorry about the crash. Were you running Findings 1 on your Mac before that?

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Thank you for the response yes I was.

Normally, you’d be able to send the crash log on the next launch but of course, you never get to that point… :thinking:

To help solve the issue, could you please send the crash reports?

Here is how to access those:

  1. First, open your Library folder, you need to use the Go menu in the Finder and press the option key. This will add a ‘Library’ item to the list, and will give you access to the hidden folder.

  2. Inside the ‘Library’ folder, open the ‘Logs’ folder

  3. Inside the ‘Logs’ folder, open the ‘DiagnosticReports’ folder

  4. Look a the files in that last folder; they are all crash reports named with the date of the crash and the application name; there should be at least one crash report with the name ‘Findings’ in it

  5. Add the Findings crash reports you find to your email

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Findings_2020-01-11-221120_BIS934D.crash (125.5 KB)

Thanks a lot for the crash report. Was that the only one you had in there?


Crashing after exporting notes as PDF. Findings_2020-02-19-142149_Michael.crash (82.8 KB)