Feature request: Box (rather than DropBox) sync

A lot of universities have started giving all their staff/students unlimited “Box” accounts instead of Dropbox, and it’s annoying to have to keep the Dropbox app installed just for Findings.

Even if you can’t get syncing between devices with Box, the ability to designate folders on your local drive for automatic back-ups would be helpful (being able to designate the “Documents” folder path so I could make it point at a folder in Box would suffice).

Duly noted. While this solution is not useful for iOS, here is something that would help connect multiple Macs via Box, see section ’ Other sync services’ at the bottom: Dropbox Sync

This doesn’t help in my particular case, (I’d have to give up using Findings on an iPad to back up on Box) but I’m glad that its being worked on and that you are so open about ways to work around the problem!

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