Feature request:Alternative to syncing with Dropbox

Hi, with Dropbox’s new limit on syncing more than three devices, I’d love to have an alternative, like iCloud or OneDrive. I know there’s an experimental workaround that does work great, but it doesn’t work with iOS, which is what I use in my lab. Thanks!


There are a few threads on the forum mentioning that there is an “experiment” way to get the app to sync with other cloud services.
It’s under “Other Sync Services” on this page:

We have unlimited google Drive here at the U and I’ve also been hit by the Dropbox devices limit, so I definitively feel your pain. It’s a shame since Dropbox has been superior to all other solutions for us, but their lack of any intermediate option for syncing (they immediately jump to a fairly pricey tier), is not helping :-\