Designed useless app with following flaws

What a bunch of idiots have designed what a shitty app.

They could simply write it like instead of archive shit simple words “Backup” which everyone can understand and a file just save on the computer and one can use that to restore all the data, but these idiots who for good reason I guess left research and made this nonsense software. that’s just nothing idiots can’t provide special characters and symbols like micro lambda etc, they are gating paid for this shit then should give options. idiots top of it stealing users data and selling it to third party, I wish their family kids search results etc get stolen and then some criminals run after these asholes family. when you pint out the exposed PDF they look monster idiotic shit. I lost all the back up because I only backed up PDF files and now can’t import that shit, so these are idiots asholes shitty app developers who can’t do anything in life left research and now shitting getting paid for useless apps.
yes abusive language when paid app don’t listen users and don’t give features which users can find easy to use. they are lazy shit. They don’t care any shit about users but busy in selling users data to criminals. Govt should keep an eye on them and they should be jailed.